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 Meet Our Team  


Creighton University, 1983  

Juris Doctor  


Regis University, 1979  

Bachelor of Science  


(402) 346-5700   


Thomas M. White is an AV rated attorney who graduated cum laude from Creighton School of Law in 1983, and then clerked for the Honorable Donald Ross of the United States Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. From 1985 to October 1998, he was associated with another firm. During the last eight years of that association, he was a capital partner and then shareholder upon the firm's reorganization as a professional corporation.  


Tom White is an experienced trial attorney and has extensive experience in the trial of complex commercial and tort cases representing clients such as Ford, Chrysler, Emerson Electric, National Credit Union Association and various financial institutions. He has also successfully represented plaintiffs in civil rights cases arising out of employment, personal injury, products liability and contract. He has obtained a number of recoveries for clients through verdict or settlement that are, or are among, the largest such recoveries for cases of that type. He has tried employment cases of almost every type common to the workplace, including, but not limited to, discrimination based on race, gender and disability. He has significant experience in the representation of various interests arising out of academic freedom and other civil rights concerns central to colleges and universities.  


Tom White has tried and received the largest recoveries for clients. He has represented clients in the follow types of cases:  


Products liability case  

·         Case against tire manufacturers which involved a worker who was injured when a tire exploded and the worker was left paralyzed.  


Employment/Americans with Disability Act (ADA) case  

·         Federal case against the City of Omaha for violation of the Americans with Disability Act against his client, a police officer, and received a large jury verdict in favor of his client.  


Personal injury cases  

·         Represented clients who had been involved in catastrophic interstate accidents as a result of being hit by semi-trucks.   

·         Represented a client who was involved in an accident in which his tractor was hit from behind on the highway by a tow truck.   

·         Represented clients and continues to represent clients who were involved in car accidents in Omaha and the surrounding counties.  



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