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Legal Definitions with a dollop of humor.
Check in every few weeks for a new definition.
November 2011 Definition
Assault & Battery....Two wrongs liked together. So often most folks think it describes one crime. Assault is the intentional effort to put a person in fear of being struck or touched in an offensive manner. Battery is the intentional hitting or touching of a person. So if you are sucker punched, there has been battery but not an assault
December 2011 Definition
Res Ipsa Loquitur: This is the legal Latin equivalent of “Well Duh!” Literally translated it means “the thing speaks for itself”. For example if you buy a new microwave oven, plug it in and it immediately bursts into flames, you know that someone screwed up. You don’t need to take it apart, identify the bad wiring or poor design to prove negligence.
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